Visual voicemail on my iPhone won't play my message

  Problem: My iPhone's "Visual Voicemail" is showing that I have a message, but the "Play" button is greyed out, so I can't hear my message.

Solution: There are two things you can do:

1) Turn your phone all the off (hold down the power button for several seconds, then "slide to power off"), then turn it on again. If your Visual Voicemail used to work and stopped without reason, this will probably fix the problem.

2) Call your own phone number and access Voicemail the old fashioned way.

Problem solved: power cycle your phone

Workaround: call your own number to get into Voicemail

How can I complain about an iTunes or Apple AppStore purchase

Problem: I have a problem with an iPhone app I bought.
Problem: There's something wrong with a purchase I made using iTunes.

Solution: Here's the link to look at your purchases and report a problem:

How do I look at videos in landscape mode on my iPhone?

Problem: You open your music app on your iPhone as usual. You try to watch a video in landscape mode. You can't. WTF.

Solution: Use the video player. See below. Seriously, that's the only way to do it. Unbelievable.
Details on how to use the video player:

1) Open this thing:
2) Something like this will come up. Click "Music videos" in the lower right.

3) Click on the video you want to watch

If you have a better solution, maybe one that lets you use playlists, please share it in the comments. For the love of all that's holy, please share it in the comments. Because this workaround sucks.