Speakable items on Apple Mac suddenly stopped working

It's a well-known bug. Bigler items/voice recognition commands will be working fine and then it will stop. After you reboot (or quit speakable items and then restart it), one command will be recognized and then no more after that.

Here is the fix:

Open Finder
While pressing the option key Option key, select Go > Library, 
Open the folder named Preferences 
Delete the following files

It should work after that. After a while it might stop working again. So just do the same procedure.

Problem solved

Here are some screenshots to help illustrate

After you go into the finder, be sure that you are holding down the alt/option key while you go to the go menu and then scroll down to library. If you aren't holding down the option key, you will not see the library choice.

Then open the preferences folder as shown

And remove the following two files

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