How can I open a link in a new tab

Problem/ question: you think Safari on my Mac, how can I open a link in a new tab?

Solution: hold down the command key and click

Command key-left mouse button

Sometimes, especially when you're doing research, you may want to open links without looking at them immediately. There are others ways to do this. You can use the right right mouse button (Or hold down the control key while clicking on your single button) and scroll down on the pop-up menu to choose "open in new tab". But the easiest way is to hold down the command button while you click.

An easy way to scroll on a Mac

What is a shortcut on the Mac to allow me to scroll up and down the page using keystrokes?

Spacebar                to scroll down

Shift-Spacebar       to scroll up

Keyboard shortcuts make computers so much easier to use and really save your arms. If you have a repetitive strain injury like tendinitis or carpel tunnel syndrome, making use of keystroke combinations instead of using the mouse can save you a lot of pain.

Simple hack: make cables easier to plug in correctly

Are you tired of half the time putting of cables in the wrong direction? When of the so-called advantages of Apple's new lighting cable is that it works in both directions. Well, with a couple stickers you can almost do the same thing with your existing cables.

All you need to do is put a small sticker on the part of your cable that has the symbol on it, and then put another sticker on the part of where you're going to be putting an end.

Problem solved

Use small stickers to help you plug the cables in

This is an iPad with a sticker over the home button

How to turn off in-app purchases

Why it's a good idea to turn off in app purchases:

  • First, if you have to take an extra step to buy something, you'll probably end up saving money.
  • More important, there are unscrupulous app makers. There are people who have, without realizing it, made in app purchases of thousands of dollars.

Here is how to disable in app purchases.

Go into settings and choose General

Scroll down and choose Restrictions

Choose a pass code

Scroll down and turn off in app purchases

Essential things to do to protect your accounts

If you have a cell phone, you have the chance to set up two factor authentication. This greatly increases the security of your accounts.

What two factor authentication does is require two steps for you to log on. First, you login with your password. Then the computer you're trying to login to texts you a code. You enter that code to complete the login process. What this means is that somebody trying to hack your account will need both your password and your cell phone, which is hopefully unlikely.

Yahoo/Yahoo! Mail

  • Go to
  • Go to Account Info
  • Scroll down to Sign-In and Security
  • Click on "Set up your second sign in verification"
  • Follow the directions


  • Go to
  • In the upper right-hand corner of the screen click on the down arrow next to your profile picture
  • Click on Account
  • Click on security
  • Click on "two-step verification" and follow the directions


  • Sign into dropbox
  • In the upper right-hand corner click on the down arrow and go to settings
  • Click on security
  • Go down to "two-step verification" and enable it


  • Log into Facebook
  • Click on the circular gear icon in the upper right-hand corner
  • Go down to "Account settings"
  • In the upper left-hand corner choose "Security"
  • Go down to "Login Approvals" and click edit
  • Check the box next to "Require a security code" and follow the directions
  • Log into PayPal, then click this link
  • Click the middle box to "Register your phone"
  • Follow the directions

How to highlight one word on a Mac using a keyboard shortcut

Click here for a list of 12 shortcuts.

Option+right arrow                   to move word by word
Option + shift + right arrow      to select until the end of the word

Option + left arrow,  then
Option + shift + right arrow      to select the word that you are on

How can I access my iPad photo stream from my Mac

Just follow directions there very carefully.

Speakable items on Apple Mac suddenly stopped working

It's a well-known bug. Bigler items/voice recognition commands will be working fine and then it will stop. After you reboot (or quit speakable items and then restart it), one command will be recognized and then no more after that.

Here is the fix:

Open Finder
While pressing the option key Option key, select Go > Library, 
Open the folder named Preferences 
Delete the following files

It should work after that. After a while it might stop working again. So just do the same procedure.

Problem solved

Here are some screenshots to help illustrate

After you go into the finder, be sure that you are holding down the alt/option key while you go to the go menu and then scroll down to library. If you aren't holding down the option key, you will not see the library choice.

Then open the preferences folder as shown

And remove the following two files

How to switch between languages when using dictation on your Macintosh

Here is a very easy way to change languages when you're using dictation on your Apple Mac. Go to the following site and download the free application

Problem solved.