MacOS iMac stuff: how to get rid of bouncing icons in the dock

disabling bouncing alerts on your Mac

Problem: You have a Mac, MacOS, Apple PC, whatever you want to call it and you want to get rid of the bouncing, jingle-jangling smack-upside-the-headworthy icons on the bottom of your screen in the doc. Here's how.

1. Open a terminal 
2. Type in the following two lines:

defaults write no-bouncing -bool TRUEkillall Dock

For more detailed directions, scroll down.

Problem solved.

Note: You'll need to check your apps occasionally, because they won't be able to bounce and alert you to stuff anymore. It's all or nothing. If you ever want to change back to bouncing alerts, do the same process but type in FALSE rather than TRUE.

More info:

The first line stops changes a "hidden preference" to stop all bouncing
The second line "kills" everything in the Dock and restarts everything.That is, it applies the change you just made to the bouncing preference.

Here's a link to the article where I got this info:

Detailed Directions:

1. Click on Launchpad

2. Click on Utilities

3. Click on Terminal

4. Type the commands into the terminal. The commands are

defaults write no-bouncing -bool TRUEkillall Dock

There you go. You will no longer have bouncing icons in your dock. Unfortunately, that means your apps won't have a way to alert you any more. If you ever want to bring the bouncing back, do the same process but replace the "TRUE" in the command with "FALSE".

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