How to scroll to the top of the page on your iPad

Problem: You want to scroll to the top of the page on your iPad

Solution: Touch the status bar at the very top of the screen.

Rant: (no need to read this)

I can't believe I have had an iPad since they first came out and I never knew this trick. I would just scroll, scroll, scroll back up to the top again. I guess I haven't need to do so much scrolling very much so I didn't need a shortcut for it. Then today I was like, "my thumb is getting tired from all this scrolling. Isn't there an easier way to page up to the very top?" So I started using the back button (I'm doing on this on Safari or Chrome, btw) to go to the previous page then the forward button to go back to the page, then I thought, there must be a simple, easy way to scroll to the top of the page when you're browsing the Internet on your iPad, although some people call it surfing the internet. Either way, who wants to do all that scrolling then you just want to go to the top? So I googled, and I found this method. It took me a while to find this method, by the way. Well, maybe five minutes. The site I went found it on was apologetic to be telling their users something so basic, but seriously, you don't know something until you learn it.

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