How to add the same piece of text or a link to the bottom of every post on

Problem: I want every post to include a link to my website. Or I want every post to have a signature.

Solution: Make a simple edit to the Post Template.

1) Go to blogger

2) Edit template
3) Edit HTML

4) Answer Proceed

5) Check box "Expand Widgets Tempates"

6) Control-F and search for post.body

7) Add the text you want directly after the line that contains post.body

8) Save template

9) Close

Helpful Hint 1:

If you want to add a link, add something like this:

<a href=''> click here to visit our website, </a>
Helpful Hint 2:

Whatever you add after the post.body line will be added to all future and past posts.

Helpful Hint 3:

You might want to click the Backup/Restore button inside "Edit Template" and do a backup before fooling with the html.

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