How do I put movies from my Cybershot camera onto my iMac

Problem: I have a Sony Cybershot camera. On my Mac, I can't view the videos I've created.

Solution: By default, the Cybershot puts video you take into a format the Apple can't see. You need to set it to MP4. Here's how:

1. Turn on your Cybershot. It needs to be in "take a picture" i.e camera mode as shown above.

2. Hit the Menu button on the camera and click to highlight the toolbox

3. Click to "Movie Format." Note how it's AVCHD by default.

4. Click then click down to MP4. Press the select button on the camera (the circle within the circle) to save it.

Now you're set. Here's where to find the movies you take on the disk. First, take out the SD card and put it in the Mac, or plug the Cybershot into the computer with a cable.

Your video will be under MP_ROOT/100ANV01

Details below. If you save in the other format, it'll go into a different folder,

1. Go to the finder after you attach the camera. Go into the Camera. I didn't give it a name, so it's called "NO NAME". Yours might be called something else.

2. Next go into MP_ROOT as shown above.

3. Go into 100ANV01 as shown below.

Rant: There's really no reason to read this. It's just venting a bit of frustration after I spent way too much time trying to figure out how to get video from Cybershot camera onto my iMac. Why is everything so hard to do on a Mac? It's such a learning curve. Well, that's part of why I started this blog. I when I spend half an hour trying to figure out some stupid thing (like how to upload video from my Sony Cybershot to my iMac) that should have been super easy, well, why not spend another half hour and blog about it so that I can save someone else the frustration. But really, I don't get it. I also don't understand why Sony didn't make MP4 the default. It's a point and shoot camera; it should be easy. But my video didn't work out of the box. I googled and found people saying something like "Oh, this new video format is so cool and new people don't know about it yet." Okay, great, then why not make the format people know about, MP4, the default? And it's not that new. It's from last year. It doesn't seem like it's caught on that much, does it? Mac shouldn't be treated like the bastard child of the technological world. They could have included a little sheet like "helpful hints for Mac users" or something like that. But no. I should write to them and offer to write one. Seriously, I was going to return this camera. In fact; I might still return it. This is just too irritating. I should get a Canon instead. I have another Canon camera; it's easy to use. My Canon printer is easy and reliable. Another irritating thing, to start recording video, on this Cybershot camera, you hit the little "video" button. Then hit it again to stop. THEN you get a messaging saying it's "Recording." What? It's "recording" onto the SD card; but it's confusing. Oh, another irritating thing about the Cybershot, as soon as I turn it on, it tells me it doesn't have an SD card even though it does. Then the message goes away. Sorry about the long rant; hopefully no one has read it. I just need to get some words in because otherwise this post is pretty succinct and it'll get such low page rank that no one will see it if I don't add some drivel at the end like this. I'm kind of tempted to return this Cybershot by Sony and get a little Canon Rebel, a beginning DSLR. It's just that I like having a little point and shoot. I have that other Canon and it takes great pictures, but I have a hard time keeping my hands steady enough to take sharp shots. It's not so much that my hands shake, it's more that I never want to use flash and I often shoot indoors.

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