How to draw a border around an image on

Problem: You have an picture in your blog post and you want to draw a border around it, or create more space around it.

Solution (short version): style="border: thick solid black; padding: 1px;"

Solution (step-by-step version):

You need to go into the html and play around a little. Here's what you do:

1. Edit your post. Click on HTML (see the pic above) 
because you're going to edit the html

2. Dig through all the html code and find the part 
that relates to your picture. You could search for the file name
of the pic to help you find it.
 The line you're looking for will look something
like what you see above

3. Add the following to that line: 

style="border: thick solid black; padding: 1px;" 

It doesn't matter where you put
it, just look for a blank space and put it there, surrounded
by blank spaces. 

4. Click "Update" and you're done


style="border: thick solid black; padding: 1px;"

This will create a thick, solid black line around the image. Play around with it--a thin line is also possible. So is a red line. What other variations would you like to try?

The space (i.e. padding) around the image will be 1px. Would you like more space? Experiment by changing the 1 to a 10 and see what difference it makes. Try other values.

Wanna learn more? Here's the article I got this info from. It's got more information about changing the padding around an image and adding borders in html.

How to scroll to the top of the page on your iPad

Problem: You want to scroll to the top of the page on your iPad

Solution: Touch the status bar at the very top of the screen.

Rant: (no need to read this)

I can't believe I have had an iPad since they first came out and I never knew this trick. I would just scroll, scroll, scroll back up to the top again. I guess I haven't need to do so much scrolling very much so I didn't need a shortcut for it. Then today I was like, "my thumb is getting tired from all this scrolling. Isn't there an easier way to page up to the very top?" So I started using the back button (I'm doing on this on Safari or Chrome, btw) to go to the previous page then the forward button to go back to the page, then I thought, there must be a simple, easy way to scroll to the top of the page when you're browsing the Internet on your iPad, although some people call it surfing the internet. Either way, who wants to do all that scrolling then you just want to go to the top? So I googled, and I found this method. It took me a while to find this method, by the way. Well, maybe five minutes. The site I went found it on was apologetic to be telling their users something so basic, but seriously, you don't know something until you learn it.

MacOS iMac stuff: how to get rid of bouncing icons in the dock

disabling bouncing alerts on your Mac

Problem: You have a Mac, MacOS, Apple PC, whatever you want to call it and you want to get rid of the bouncing, jingle-jangling smack-upside-the-headworthy icons on the bottom of your screen in the doc. Here's how.

1. Open a terminal 
2. Type in the following two lines:

defaults write no-bouncing -bool TRUEkillall Dock

For more detailed directions, scroll down.

Problem solved.

Note: You'll need to check your apps occasionally, because they won't be able to bounce and alert you to stuff anymore. It's all or nothing. If you ever want to change back to bouncing alerts, do the same process but type in FALSE rather than TRUE.

More info:

The first line stops changes a "hidden preference" to stop all bouncing
The second line "kills" everything in the Dock and restarts everything.That is, it applies the change you just made to the bouncing preference.

Here's a link to the article where I got this info:

Detailed Directions:

1. Click on Launchpad

2. Click on Utilities

3. Click on Terminal

4. Type the commands into the terminal. The commands are

defaults write no-bouncing -bool TRUEkillall Dock

There you go. You will no longer have bouncing icons in your dock. Unfortunately, that means your apps won't have a way to alert you any more. If you ever want to bring the bouncing back, do the same process but replace the "TRUE" in the command with "FALSE".

Gmail: How do I address email to people using nicknames ?

Problem: I'd like to be able to use nicknames on gmail, the way I did on Yahoo, so I don't have to type in the whole address all the time. How do I do that?

Solution: You can't. Gmail uses autocomplete. 

Workaround: You can set up a contact and put what you'd like to be the nickname as the suffix.

Warning: Your recipient will see the nickname you're given him or her.

1. Go into Contacts

2. Click on the ellipses

3. This window comes up. Put your nickname, in parenthesis if you wish, under Suffix. Everything here will be visible to your recipient.

4. Save when you're done. It'll save automatically too.

How do I put movies from my Cybershot camera onto my iMac

Problem: I have a Sony Cybershot camera. On my Mac, I can't view the videos I've created.

Solution: By default, the Cybershot puts video you take into a format the Apple can't see. You need to set it to MP4. Here's how:

1. Turn on your Cybershot. It needs to be in "take a picture" i.e camera mode as shown above.

2. Hit the Menu button on the camera and click to highlight the toolbox

3. Click to "Movie Format." Note how it's AVCHD by default.

4. Click then click down to MP4. Press the select button on the camera (the circle within the circle) to save it.

Now you're set. Here's where to find the movies you take on the disk. First, take out the SD card and put it in the Mac, or plug the Cybershot into the computer with a cable.

Your video will be under MP_ROOT/100ANV01

Details below. If you save in the other format, it'll go into a different folder,

1. Go to the finder after you attach the camera. Go into the Camera. I didn't give it a name, so it's called "NO NAME". Yours might be called something else.

2. Next go into MP_ROOT as shown above.

3. Go into 100ANV01 as shown below.

Rant: There's really no reason to read this. It's just venting a bit of frustration after I spent way too much time trying to figure out how to get video from Cybershot camera onto my iMac. Why is everything so hard to do on a Mac? It's such a learning curve. Well, that's part of why I started this blog. I when I spend half an hour trying to figure out some stupid thing (like how to upload video from my Sony Cybershot to my iMac) that should have been super easy, well, why not spend another half hour and blog about it so that I can save someone else the frustration. But really, I don't get it. I also don't understand why Sony didn't make MP4 the default. It's a point and shoot camera; it should be easy. But my video didn't work out of the box. I googled and found people saying something like "Oh, this new video format is so cool and new people don't know about it yet." Okay, great, then why not make the format people know about, MP4, the default? And it's not that new. It's from last year. It doesn't seem like it's caught on that much, does it? Mac shouldn't be treated like the bastard child of the technological world. They could have included a little sheet like "helpful hints for Mac users" or something like that. But no. I should write to them and offer to write one. Seriously, I was going to return this camera. In fact; I might still return it. This is just too irritating. I should get a Canon instead. I have another Canon camera; it's easy to use. My Canon printer is easy and reliable. Another irritating thing, to start recording video, on this Cybershot camera, you hit the little "video" button. Then hit it again to stop. THEN you get a messaging saying it's "Recording." What? It's "recording" onto the SD card; but it's confusing. Oh, another irritating thing about the Cybershot, as soon as I turn it on, it tells me it doesn't have an SD card even though it does. Then the message goes away. Sorry about the long rant; hopefully no one has read it. I just need to get some words in because otherwise this post is pretty succinct and it'll get such low page rank that no one will see it if I don't add some drivel at the end like this. I'm kind of tempted to return this Cybershot by Sony and get a little Canon Rebel, a beginning DSLR. It's just that I like having a little point and shoot. I have that other Canon and it takes great pictures, but I have a hard time keeping my hands steady enough to take sharp shots. It's not so much that my hands shake, it's more that I never want to use flash and I often shoot indoors.

Mac stuff: How do I make Safari save passwords for me?

How do I make Safari save passwords for me?

Problem: On my Mac or iPad I want Safari (the web browser) to save my passwords for me


1.  Tap Settings from your Home screen

2.  Tap Safari / AutoFill.

3.  Make sure: *Names and Passwords* is turned ON.

Problem solved. Sort of. It doesn't always work. It depends on the site as well, and how they have their security set up. Like your bank probably isn't going to allow you to save passwords like this. Or maybe they do. If they do, you should get a new bank.

I reposted this from my old blog called How do I do this on a Mac.

How to Make Google Chrome remember passwords again

Problem: Chrome asked you if you wanted to save the password and you accidentally clicked on "Never for this site" rather than Yes.

Solution: Pretty simple

You clicked the wrong thing here:

1. Go to Chrome, click on the wrench

2. Click on settings

3. Click on show advanced settings (bottom of this picture, in blue)

4. Click on Manage saved passwords (in blue, bottom right of this picture)

5. The sites where you've said "never save password for this site" will be listed here. Click the X to delete the site from the list.

6. Problem solved. Happiness ensues.

Blogger: How can I make it stop asking me if I want to share on Google+ every time I edit a post?

Problem: Every time I post something on Google, on edit a post, a dialog box/window pops up asking me if I want to share on Google+. Actually, no, I don't want to annoy the crap out of everyone who follows me.


Go into blogger, click on Google+ as shown below in orange, you'll get a dialog box where you can unclick "Share with Google+"

Here's the old way of doing it, that worked last week but doesn't work now. I'll leave it up in case--who knows?--Google changes it back.

Problem:  This keeps popping up every time I edit a post


1.  Go into Blogger

2.  Edit Settings

3.  Edit Post and Comments

NOTE: If you want the window to go away without sharing anything, hit the escape key.

NOTE: The default is to share with the Public. If for some reason, it's set to something else and you want it to share with Public by default, do this:

  1. Turn off sharing
  2. Turn it back on


This was driving me nuts and it's taken so long to figure it out. In retrospect, it was obvious, but I kept thinking it had to do with Google+. Anyway, every time i would edit a post and publish it, I would get this pop-up asking me if I wanted to share it. I guess sharing with Google Circles (or Google+ or whatever it is) was the default.

I don't know anything about Google+ or Google Circles. I just wanted to use Chrome and, I dunno, I followed the path of least resistance when I signed up for stuff and I ended up with this really annoying situation where every time I would post something or edit a post, I'd get this darn popup window that I really didn't understand asking me if I wanted to share.

I didn't. All I wanted to do was make it go away. So anyway, here's how to do it. In the course of figuring out how to turn it off, I decided to keep it.

Mac Stuff: I have a bunch of music from all over the place and I want to put it on my Apple products


  • How do I put my music on my iPod or iPad? 
  • Not that I would ever do this, but how would I put my friend's music on my Apple product like my iPad or iPod or my new Mac? 
  • How do I move my old music that I freaking paid for from my old PC to my new Mac?

  • A product called Senuti. They told me about it at the Apple Store when I got my new Mac. Just google it. It's $29. It solved a boatload of headaches. 

How to add the same piece of text or a link to the bottom of every post on

Problem: I want every post to include a link to my website. Or I want every post to have a signature.

Solution: Make a simple edit to the Post Template.

1) Go to blogger

2) Edit template
3) Edit HTML

4) Answer Proceed

5) Check box "Expand Widgets Tempates"

6) Control-F and search for post.body

7) Add the text you want directly after the line that contains post.body

8) Save template

9) Close

Helpful Hint 1:

If you want to add a link, add something like this:

<a href=''> click here to visit our website, </a>
Helpful Hint 2:

Whatever you add after the post.body line will be added to all future and past posts.

Helpful Hint 3:

You might want to click the Backup/Restore button inside "Edit Template" and do a backup before fooling with the html.