Newbie corner: What is a link?

This post is for the absolute newbie (aka beginner). It's meant to help people understand a basic concept so they can use the Internet more effectively. It is not technically exact. (I'll explain more about this later).

What is a Link?

A link is an address on the Internet. It lets a person go to a certain page on the the Internet. A certain place.

The link for what you're reading right now is

If you want to tell someone about this great article (aka blogpost aka post), just tell them

They'll be able to type that into the box at the top of their browser and get here. (What's a browser? Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox are browsers. They are programs that let you look at stuff on the Internet.)

Does every page have a unique link?

Nope. Every link points exactly one place on the Internet. However, each place on the Internet can have more than one link pointing to it. More on that below.

Now Let's Be Exact 

is actually an address. However, something like that is often called a link. Sometimes people call it an address, sometimes they call it a link.

What's a real link?

A link is a place on the Internet where, if you click on it, it takes you to somewhere else on the Internet. It's an arrow, a pointer, a portal,

Here's a real link:

Hi! I'm a link to Wikipedia!

If you click on it, you'll go to Wikipedia. Go ahead, click on it, then come back here. Notice how it's underlined? That's a clue that it's a link. It'll take you somewhere else. It'll take you to the address

Here are some other links to the same place. They all link

Click here
Guess where we're going
I am a turtle


I hope this was helpful. Now, back to the Internet!

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