How to look at Google's cache of a website

Problem: a website is down, but I need to see what's on it

Solution: look at Google's cache

1. Go to

2. Type this into the search window:

                      info:http://www.<name of the site that's>/

3. Click on the "Google's cache" link to see the site

Here's an example. was down, so I typed
info: into the search window. Here's what came up.

My rant: it took me forever to find this information. Here are some of the many searches I tried:

how to search google's cache
how do i look at the cache of a website
google cache website
google webpage cache
how to do look at the cache of a webpage

and various other iterations. I kept getting long, boring articles that didn't get to the point. I finally limited my search to google like this


and found the answer in the product forums. It only took me forever. Heck, the site whose cache i wanted to see might not even be down anymore, it took me so long. so I made a post here to save others frustration. I hope this gets to the front page for the simple question: how do I look at google's cache. it would have saved me annoyance. 

I think a lot of spam crappy sites just keyworded the crap out of some terms and that's how they ranked on google higher than google itself for someone looking for cache. in fact, i never would have found it if i hadn't just stumbled upon it by accident the other day.

i was researching seo, learning about google stuff, wow there is so much to know, and i came across this cache thing and thought wow this would be cool. if a website is ever down and need to look at it, i'll know what to do. i'll be all like, what do i do, this website is down, and then i'd answer myself with a, here's what you do when a website is down, you look at its cache on google. 

so anyway, problem solved, along with my traditional rant. 

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