How to create a website using google sites

10 Steps to Building a Google Sites Webpage

Here's a step-by-step guide to building a Google Sites webpage. It's just enough to get you started if you find yourself getting confused (and it can be confusing if you're not used to it.)

1. Go to to begin. (You'll need to have a gmail account. That's easy to set up. Just go to

2. Click on CREATE to get started.

3. Choose your template well. You will not be able to change it later. Unlike Weebly or Blogger, where you can try out a lot of different templates, you cannot do that here. AAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Ask my how I know. If you choose a bad template, you might as well delete the site and start over again. I recommend going with the Blank template.

4. Choose a name for your site, type in the code at the bottom to prove you're human, then press create. 

5. I created a site called "this is a test" as you see. To add a page, click on the button pointed to.

7. Choose what kind of page you want to add. Here it's a Web Page, the standard page. Then name the page. Finally, CREATE it.

8. You'll immediately be placed in this window. Here's where you add content to your page. BTW, the comments area isn't for visitor comments. I think it's for comments you want to make for yourself or for others you might let work on the page.

9. Hit "save" when you're done adding content to your page.

10. Just one more thing, let's say you want to go to some different page and add content to it. Here's what you do. 1) Click on the page you want to edit. 2) Click the "edit" button.

Hopefully, that's enough to get you started!

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