how do I put a little picture on my website tab?

Problem: I'm building a website. I want to put a little picture or icon in the tab. Like in the picture above. How do I do it?

Solution: The little picture is called a favicon.

  1. To create a favicon, go to
  2. to add it to your website using Weebly, just follow the info in the picture below (upload the Favicon)
  3. For step by step instructions on how to add a Favicon if you're using Weebly, click here.

My rant:

I didn't even know what these things were called. The little pictures in the tab window in a browser? I dunno. I've seen them for years and never thought about making my own. But then I only recently started building websites. The reason I wanted to learn this is that I moved a blog from Blogger to Weebly and it was still showing the Blogger favicon. I don't even know how that was happening, but it was confusing. I don't know if you can set your own favicon if you use blogger or if you  have to use theirs. Anyway. Here's my website on how to build a website. It's for beginners like me. I'm a newbie to web design and seo.

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