How can I link to a specific part of a webpage

Problem: I want to link to a specific part of a webpage:

Solution: go to

It's free. It works. It's great. Problem solved.

Details - My rant

So I wanted to link to Maddox's website, the part where he talks about why he keeps his website looking so, to use his words, shitty. I was writing an article about how to create a website Google will like. My point was that some popular websites--hey, like Google--have very simple interfaces. Except Maddox is much more vulgar and he explains himself, so I wanted to link to him.

Problem was, he talks about it on this really long page. I had to scroll and look for the part I wanted. I wanted to send visitors to just the part I was talking about. So, naturally, I Googled.

And I found all these results tell me that hardest way ever to link to particular part of a page. I used the search "how to link to a specific part of a page."

The results were geared toward people linking to pages on their own websites. They had to adding anchors to the html. Well, after looking at those pages about linking, and looking the Maddox's source on that page, and burning about half an hour, all I'd done was confirm that I couldn't link to a specific part of Maddox's page using those methods because Maddox hadn't put in the fancy html whatever that those methods required.

So I went page to my Google results page (i.e. Search Engine Results Page, SERP).  I didn't type "how to link to a specific part of a page" again, I just went back to the results page.

Then I read a little more carefully instead of just scanning and I looked at #3 on the Google SERP and found this most excellent post. That is one fine webpage. Wow. I love people who are contributing and making the Internet a better place. Easing frustration, sharing knowledge and just generally being awesome. I want to be like that.

Anyway, I was able to quickly scan that article to learn how to link to a particular part of someone else's page on the web. Yay! I'm happy now. So I'm offering that same information here in the hopes I can save someone else half an hour of frustration.

Well, that was the excitement for the day. A problem, a solution. The Internet solved it. Everything is good.

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