Why can't I see why Amazon capsules?

So here's the question (that's been solved below). Why can't I see my Amazon capsules on HubPages?

Here are some other ways the question might be asked: Did amazon ban me? I'm on a content farm and can't see my amazon capsules. I just switched to a new browser and added AdBlock and now for some reason that i can't figure out, i don't see my amazon ads. Hello, duh, i need some help making a connection here. i used to see my amazon ads on the capsules i'm making on my content mill but then i switched browsers and added ad blocking and now i can see them. what do i do?

Anyway, uh, I might have sorta come across this problem.


If you suddenly can't see your Amazon capsules, it might be because of AdBlocking. Have you changed your browser? Have you added AdBlocking?

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