Why can't I allow comments on my blogger blog?


I was so frustrated because I couldn't allow comments on my blogspot blog. I went into the settings and allowed them, but I couldn't ever see a place for comments. You know how there's supposed to be a button at the bottom of each post to allow comments? I wasn't seeing it no matter what I did. It was so freaking frustrating. What's the point of having a blog if you can't have comments? Then I searched all over the net, trying to find a solution. Nothing. Here was the problem: Somehow, all my individual posts had got changed to "don't allow comments" and "hide comments." So I was trying to change something in the global settings, but the problem was with the original posts. F*ck if I know how it happened.


If a place for comments isn't showing up in your posts, check the setting for an individual post. You might find that comments are not allowed and are hidden.

Not the happiest resolution, because now I have to go to every individual post and fix it, but whatever. If anyone knows why this happened, please tell me in the comments, which, thank goodness, are working on this blog.

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