Polls are good

Polls are fun. They add humor (mine do) and interest to a blog. They
also tend to slow the dang this down something fierce. I think it's
worth it though. Some notes on polls:

Blogger: you can have a poll in the sidebar but not in individual posts

Vizu: looks okay, but they have some "Earn $5 click here" link, then
when you click on it, they want your birthdate and it seemed like they
wanted the password to my email. Well, to Twitch's email, since that's
the addy I was gonna use. Twitch said no way.

Pollsdaddy: their website is professional and easy to use. It makes a
poll that's a bit too big, though.

Pollsboutique: i don't know how long they'll be around and their
website is confusing. however, there are people there who will vote on
my poll. it seems like i can put a poll on my blog and another one
goes onto the site. I don't know. I think this is the best one for
now. It might even drive a little traffic to my site. and it's a way
to making some backlinks.

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