How to write a top 10 list on Best Reviewer

How to Write on Best Reviewer

The Internet loves “Top 10” and “Top 5” and “Top Whatever Lists.” Best Reviewer is a place to create those lists. Unsure how to get started? Problem solved.

Why would you want to write on Best Reviewer?
  1. You can use Best Reviewer to drive traffic to your online writing. For example, you could write a list called “Top 10 Articles by Chris Hugh”. In fact, I suggest you do. I know I'd like to read it.
  2. You can also create lists to drive traffic to your online store. “Top 10 Products from Chris Hugh’s Amazon Store” would be another worthy pursuit.
  3. You can create any type of top ten list as long as it fits the content rules of the site. This site is strict, and I suggest you know the content rules very, very well.
Here’s how to get started writing your Top X lists.

1.  Get an account 
It might take a few days to get an account. Please click here to use my Best Reviewer referral tracker to sign up. I'll get a little commission if you do.

2.  Read the Content Policies 
Best Reviewer is very strict. If you screw up, you’re out, no second chances. Here’s a link to Best Reviewer's content policies.  You really need to read this. I’d copy and paste it here, but I don’t copy and paste other people’s work.

And that’s one more rule on Best Reviewers: you can’t cut and paste from anywhere else onto Best Reviewer. They’ll close your account for that. No warning, no appeal. I also suggest you read their FAQ.
3.  Start Writing Your Top X List of Whatever
Login and look to the upper left of your screen. Click on “start a new top list.” Just follow the directions there.
And that’s it.

Here's a link to Top 8 Products for Cats.


  1. Thanks for another interesting article, Chris. I enjoy reading your work. Before I click on the referral tracker in your article, I'm going to try a short list of my own ...

    Three Top Reasons for clicking on Chris Hugh's Best Reviewer Referral Tracker.

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    So, Chris, how am I doing? Do you think I'm ready to start writing lists on Best Reviewer?

  2. Thanks! That sounds like a great Top 3 list. I think you're ready!

  3. I just bookmarked this page so I can keep up with you, girl. Good luck with all you are doing, my friend.