How to block people on HubPages

Someone's gotten share-happy on HubPages. She shares every stupid thing. I think she thinks it gets her a lot of traffic. Maybe it does. Maybe it junks up my entire feed and I'd like to spritz her computer with the stuff I got out of my CatGenie. Who knows?

It took me a long time to figure out how to block her. That doesn't mean it's complicated. It just means it took me a long time.

Anyway, I wrote a Hub about it and I am a hero. So there. Here's the link.

How to block or hide people who share too much or ask too many questions on Hubpages. Includes how to hide forums. 

Short answer, problem solved:

  1. to to your feed
  2. put your mouse over something they've posted
  3. look for the little grey box
  4. click it, and you can hide their crap

You can also hide topics the same way. Here's a pic. I'm so grumpy. I think I'm turning into Maddox. I hope so. Maddox with AdSense.

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