How do I refer people to HubPages?

That's what I asked and I had so much trouble finding the answer. The referral tracker thing was confusing. Thing is, if you refer people to HubPages, you get paid when they get paid. It doesn't cost them anything. It just costs HP a lil something. But figuring out the referral stupid thing required me reading stuff and trial and error. Crap! So, here are the instructions.

How to give a friend a referral link on HubPages:

1) Go to your HubPages account
2) Go to Earnings (look along the top for Earnings)
3) Go to Referral Trackers (look along the left side for Referral Trackers)
4) Create yourself a new tracker or copy the existing one. I created one called ChrisHughBuddy
5) This is now the link to give your friend

Except might want to put your own referral tracker instead of mine, but if you want to leave mine, that's okay

Notice the underscore (_) before the tracker name? You need that

6) check the trollop of a link and make sure it works. It'll probably tell you to f*ck off because you're already a member of HubPages. That's what you're looking for.

7) Fist pump and thank the Universe that Chris Hugh just saved you an hour's frustration

more cool stuff

Every time you link to HubPages, you might want to insert your referral tracker now. Here’s how

1) Take your regular unadorned HP link, such as

2) And now insert _ChrisHughBuddy (or your own referral tracker, if you must) as shown

3) Finally, check the grundid polyp of a link and see if it works.

Helpful hint: You can insert your own referral link even when you refer people to other Hubber’s articles. For example, here’s one on old-fashioned insults. So if you’d like to read and watch a fustilarian moldwarp attempt to elevate English-language swearing, click here

or, if you’d rather hear me rant about pompous phrases, click here

How much are you loving all the extra typing you’re going to be doing? If the answer is not much, there is a gamepad you can buy that’ll let you automate them. I only had to click one button to add _ChrisHughBuddy. It was so easy. Let me demonstrate.


You're welcome.


I have a hotkey for Chris Hugh too. Chris HughChris HughChris HughChris HughChris HughChris HughChris HughChris HughChris Hugh

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