Curl tweeting doesn't work anymore as of June 2012

it would be great if i could tweet from the command line. if i could open a command prompt (shell) on my mac, then plug in the http address and give it the parameters so i could just tweet whatever I wanted. It used to be possible to do this using curl. It would look like this:

curl -u Username:Password -d status="hi"

As of June, 2012, it doesn't work anymore.

curl tweeting does not work anymore.

it has something to do with oauth, whatever that is.

Anyway, i hope this saves someone some time. I just spent an hour messing around with it before i learned that curl tweeting used to work, but now it doesn't. 

If someone would like to comment and tell me how to do tweet from a command line, i'll be really happy.

EDIT: On Chrome, these instructions will help you do something similar. The menus on chrome have changed a little, so you'll need to read this carefully, then hunt around, but it's very doable.

EDIT: Except you don't need to do that crap above, just get the Chrome extension.

It'll share the page and shorten the url as needed. YAY!

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