How to write a top 10 list on Best Reviewer

How to Write on Best Reviewer

The Internet loves “Top 10” and “Top 5” and “Top Whatever Lists.” Best Reviewer is a place to create those lists. Unsure how to get started? Problem solved.

Why would you want to write on Best Reviewer?
  1. You can use Best Reviewer to drive traffic to your online writing. For example, you could write a list called “Top 10 Articles by Chris Hugh”. In fact, I suggest you do. I know I'd like to read it.
  2. You can also create lists to drive traffic to your online store. “Top 10 Products from Chris Hugh’s Amazon Store” would be another worthy pursuit.
  3. You can create any type of top ten list as long as it fits the content rules of the site. This site is strict, and I suggest you know the content rules very, very well.
Here’s how to get started writing your Top X lists.

1.  Get an account 
It might take a few days to get an account. Please click here to use my Best Reviewer referral tracker to sign up. I'll get a little commission if you do.

2.  Read the Content Policies 
Best Reviewer is very strict. If you screw up, you’re out, no second chances. Here’s a link to Best Reviewer's content policies.  You really need to read this. I’d copy and paste it here, but I don’t copy and paste other people’s work.

And that’s one more rule on Best Reviewers: you can’t cut and paste from anywhere else onto Best Reviewer. They’ll close your account for that. No warning, no appeal. I also suggest you read their FAQ.
3.  Start Writing Your Top X List of Whatever
Login and look to the upper left of your screen. Click on “start a new top list.” Just follow the directions there.
And that’s it.

Here's a link to Top 8 Products for Cats.

Why can't I see why Amazon capsules?

So here's the question (that's been solved below). Why can't I see my Amazon capsules on HubPages?

Here are some other ways the question might be asked: Did amazon ban me? I'm on a content farm and can't see my amazon capsules. I just switched to a new browser and added AdBlock and now for some reason that i can't figure out, i don't see my amazon ads. Hello, duh, i need some help making a connection here. i used to see my amazon ads on the capsules i'm making on my content mill but then i switched browsers and added ad blocking and now i can see them. what do i do?

Anyway, uh, I might have sorta come across this problem.


If you suddenly can't see your Amazon capsules, it might be because of AdBlocking. Have you changed your browser? Have you added AdBlocking?

How to block people on HubPages

Someone's gotten share-happy on HubPages. She shares every stupid thing. I think she thinks it gets her a lot of traffic. Maybe it does. Maybe it junks up my entire feed and I'd like to spritz her computer with the stuff I got out of my CatGenie. Who knows?

It took me a long time to figure out how to block her. That doesn't mean it's complicated. It just means it took me a long time.

Anyway, I wrote a Hub about it and I am a hero. So there. Here's the link.

How to block or hide people who share too much or ask too many questions on Hubpages. Includes how to hide forums. 

Short answer, problem solved:

  1. to to your feed
  2. put your mouse over something they've posted
  3. look for the little grey box
  4. click it, and you can hide their crap

You can also hide topics the same way. Here's a pic. I'm so grumpy. I think I'm turning into Maddox. I hope so. Maddox with AdSense.

Why can't I allow comments on my blogger blog?


I was so frustrated because I couldn't allow comments on my blogspot blog. I went into the settings and allowed them, but I couldn't ever see a place for comments. You know how there's supposed to be a button at the bottom of each post to allow comments? I wasn't seeing it no matter what I did. It was so freaking frustrating. What's the point of having a blog if you can't have comments? Then I searched all over the net, trying to find a solution. Nothing. Here was the problem: Somehow, all my individual posts had got changed to "don't allow comments" and "hide comments." So I was trying to change something in the global settings, but the problem was with the original posts. F*ck if I know how it happened.


If a place for comments isn't showing up in your posts, check the setting for an individual post. You might find that comments are not allowed and are hidden.

Not the happiest resolution, because now I have to go to every individual post and fix it, but whatever. If anyone knows why this happened, please tell me in the comments, which, thank goodness, are working on this blog.

How do I refer people to HubPages?

That's what I asked and I had so much trouble finding the answer. The referral tracker thing was confusing. Thing is, if you refer people to HubPages, you get paid when they get paid. It doesn't cost them anything. It just costs HP a lil something. But figuring out the referral stupid thing required me reading stuff and trial and error. Crap! So, here are the instructions.

How to give a friend a referral link on HubPages:

1) Go to your HubPages account
2) Go to Earnings (look along the top for Earnings)
3) Go to Referral Trackers (look along the left side for Referral Trackers)
4) Create yourself a new tracker or copy the existing one. I created one called ChrisHughBuddy
5) This is now the link to give your friend

Except might want to put your own referral tracker instead of mine, but if you want to leave mine, that's okay

Notice the underscore (_) before the tracker name? You need that

6) check the trollop of a link and make sure it works. It'll probably tell you to f*ck off because you're already a member of HubPages. That's what you're looking for.

7) Fist pump and thank the Universe that Chris Hugh just saved you an hour's frustration

more cool stuff

Every time you link to HubPages, you might want to insert your referral tracker now. Here’s how

1) Take your regular unadorned HP link, such as

2) And now insert _ChrisHughBuddy (or your own referral tracker, if you must) as shown

3) Finally, check the grundid polyp of a link and see if it works.

Helpful hint: You can insert your own referral link even when you refer people to other Hubber’s articles. For example, here’s one on old-fashioned insults. So if you’d like to read and watch a fustilarian moldwarp attempt to elevate English-language swearing, click here

or, if you’d rather hear me rant about pompous phrases, click here

How much are you loving all the extra typing you’re going to be doing? If the answer is not much, there is a gamepad you can buy that’ll let you automate them. I only had to click one button to add _ChrisHughBuddy. It was so easy. Let me demonstrate.


You're welcome.


I have a hotkey for Chris Hugh too. Chris HughChris HughChris HughChris HughChris HughChris HughChris HughChris HughChris Hugh


Good stuff to read

Inbound Links: What To Encourage and What To Avoid | SquidooHQ powered by Squidoo

Ways to increase traffic

Another good read from my friend Linda:

And I wrote this one:

Curl tweeting doesn't work anymore as of June 2012

it would be great if i could tweet from the command line. if i could open a command prompt (shell) on my mac, then plug in the http address and give it the parameters so i could just tweet whatever I wanted. It used to be possible to do this using curl. It would look like this:

curl -u Username:Password -d status="hi"

As of June, 2012, it doesn't work anymore.

curl tweeting does not work anymore.

it has something to do with oauth, whatever that is.

Anyway, i hope this saves someone some time. I just spent an hour messing around with it before i learned that curl tweeting used to work, but now it doesn't. 

If someone would like to comment and tell me how to do tweet from a command line, i'll be really happy.

EDIT: On Chrome, these instructions will help you do something similar. The menus on chrome have changed a little, so you'll need to read this carefully, then hunt around, but it's very doable.

EDIT: Except you don't need to do that crap above, just get the Chrome extension.

It'll share the page and shorten the url as needed. YAY!

Polls are good

Polls are fun. They add humor (mine do) and interest to a blog. They
also tend to slow the dang this down something fierce. I think it's
worth it though. Some notes on polls:

Blogger: you can have a poll in the sidebar but not in individual posts

Vizu: looks okay, but they have some "Earn $5 click here" link, then
when you click on it, they want your birthdate and it seemed like they
wanted the password to my email. Well, to Twitch's email, since that's
the addy I was gonna use. Twitch said no way.

Pollsdaddy: their website is professional and easy to use. It makes a
poll that's a bit too big, though.

Pollsboutique: i don't know how long they'll be around and their
website is confusing. however, there are people there who will vote on
my poll. it seems like i can put a poll on my blog and another one
goes onto the site. I don't know. I think this is the best one for
now. It might even drive a little traffic to my site. and it's a way
to making some backlinks.

Chris Hugh's blog of funny super-short stories)

Chris' Official Website

Diseased Imaginings

Addiing polls to a blog

Or a website. Whatever. I think polls are fun. I think they engage people, too. Especially if the polls are funny.

Blogger doesn't seem to let you put a poll right in the post.


This place gives you a choice of poll styles but you have to go to their site to vote.

Here's an article about various poll providers 


Micropoll seemed promising, but it doesn't seem to work right and I'm tired of screwing around with this issue. I'll stick with these guys. for now.